We recently found ourselves travelling to Glasgow to meet an old friend who we hadn’t seen in about seven years. We had a really good time, catching up and exchanging stories, talking about music, listening to records and visiting his favourite haunts around the city. We also ate an extraordinary amount of home cooked food […]

Sculpture at Bathers

Last weekend my brother and I decided to check out the other “sculpture at a beach but not in Cottesloe” event that was happening in Perth.¬†Sculpture at Bathers is less famous than the Cottesloe exhbition but it is no less impressive. There was a huge range of different sculptures, some of which apparently didn’t quite […]

Sculpture By The Sea 2013 – Part 1

I unexpectedly had the afternoon off yesterday, and I decided to make the most of the beautiful weather by visiting the annual Sculpture By The Sea, held at Cottesloe Beach. This is the ninth time this event has been held at Cottesloe and it is always popular. There is something about the combination of the […]